What can I learn (about myself) from this experience?

Sometimes, when “bad” things happen we try to find the silver lining by asking, “what can I learn from this experience?” Sometimes, there are practical lessons to be learned – don’t give permanent markers to small children, remember to leave time to find parking, etc. And sometimes there are larger life lessons like “I need to slow down,” or “maybe I should reassess my relationship with this person.”

Recently, I’ve been finding a lot of value in a new take on this question: What can I learn about myself from this experience? What do I notice about the way I am reacting to this situation? What thoughts and judgments are flooding my mind? What emotions am I feeling and how can I work through them in a conscious and compassionate way? What insecurities or past hurts are being triggered? How can I let go of the ego and stay grounded in my true self?

Even something as small as a bad haircut (speaking from recent personal experience) can bring up a lot of interesting internal dynamics to observe.

Have you stopped to question your reaction to anything recently?