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What is Living in Alignment?


What is Living in Alignment?

To me, living in alignment means taking actions that support ourselves at the physical, mental, and spiritual level. It also means taking a holistic approach to wellness, addressing dysfunction at the deepest root level, and integrating healthy attitudes and activities into our everyday lives.

Our current workout culture is full of misleading information, unsustainable standards, and confusing (sometimes conflicting) advice.

Once you start to understand how the human body was designed to work on a biomechanical level, you can start making more confident decisions about what is best for your personal wellness journey, instead of feeling overwhelmed and powerless about the physical issues that may be standing between you and living a long, healthy life that you love.

Just like our bodies require certain food nutrients to stay balanced and healthy, they also require certain movements to maintain a strong, mobile, and pain-free structure.

Restorative Exercise not only provides corrective exercises to help supplement all the movements we’re missing in our modern-day lifestyles, it also teaches the “why” behind doing what you’re doing, so you grow not only in strength and mobility, but also in your understanding of how your body works and how to care for it.

In addition to helping my clients assess their alignment and movement needs and create a plan to address them, I also offer support for making movement a part of your everyday life. Often we feel like we need to get a gym membership or set aside large chunks of time to exercise, but much of the input our body gets is from the small choices we are making every moment of every day. Learning how to create a movement-rich life and move through your day with better alignment can lead to healthy habits that provide a lifetime of benefits.

Whether you are a pro athlete looking to cross-train for injury prevention, or a 9-5 desk worker concerned about the long-term effects of your sedentary lifestyle, Restorative Exercise has something for you!

I’d be happy to guide you on your alignment journey and give you the support you need to give your body the holistic and nourishing movement it needs and deserves. Click one of the buttons below to get started!

About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a Nutritious Movement certified Restorative Exercise Specialist and Life Alignment Coach. I am passionate about helping people move through life with more ease and joy –  both literally and figuratively! I’m also passionate about musical theatre and my cat, Charlie. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and am working on taking better advantage of all the nature, art, and good food that surrounds me!

Sarah DeGrave