Are Your Tight Hamstrings Hurting Your Back?

Did you know that tight hamstrings do more than make it hard for you to touch your toes? They can lead to back pain, SI joint pain, and pelvic problems, among other issues. Everything is connected, and those shortened hammies might be tugging on other parts of the body and throwing the whole system out of alignment.

So what can you do about it?
I recently went live on my Facebook page to share one of my favorite exercises for targeting tight hamstrings, as well as how to assess how much length you REALLY have back there. Check out the video below to get all the deets on how to make sure you are stretching what you really want to stretch, and not accidentally putting stress on other parts of your body instead.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Oh, I can skip this one. I do yoga every day and I can touch my toes no prob.” Well, not so fast!

In this video, I also talk about why touching your toes in not a good indicator of flexible hamstrings. That’s right. You might be able to fold yourself flat in half and STILL have tight hamstrings. Stretching your legs is important, but HOW you stretch your legs is equally important. So click play below and stretch along!